Tuesday, 4 February 2014

LUSH Valentine's Day 2014

Lush Valentine's Day 2014 Soft Coer Prince Charming Beauty Blog Review
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I'd dedicate my first post to all things sweet-smelling and heart shaped. For anyone looking for low-price, romantic treats, Lush is the place to go! Here are my top 3 picks from their 2014 V-Day range:

1. Love Locket Bath Bomb (£6.95)
My first impressions of this bath bomb were that it reminded me of a Polly Pocket I used to have as a kid, and that it was HUGE. The Lush sales assistant nearby must of seen my confusion as she rushed over and revealed that Love Locket can actually be used for 3 baths, which explains the hefty price tag. There's a smaller heart-shaped bath bomb hidden inside that releases a flurry of pink edible hears (so cute), and the main heart of the bomb can be broken in two (not so cute?). Being a Jasmine and vanilla obsessive, I'm in love with the smell! It reminds me slightly of the Lush Sex Bomb fragrance, so it's sure to get you in the mood. I also feel the need to add that I plan on using this all at once in one spectacular blaze of bath glory.

2. Prince Charming Shower Gel (£4.65)
I don't think only couples should get all the fun on Valentine's Day, so this is a perfect little appreciation present to give your friends - it's nice to remind people you care about them enough to spend money on commercialised holiday goods, plus who doesn't need shower gel! The Prince Charming scent is a delectable mix of refreshing tartness, thanks to the pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil, and a soothing sweetness from the marshmallow root and vanilla. Like all Lush shower gels, it leaves skin silky soft and deliciously perfumed.

3. Soft Coeur Massage Bar (£4.75)
I'm aware this isn't from the Valentine's range, but it's too good not to mention! Lush have released a couple of special edition, vanilla-ry massage bars (Close To You and Tender is the Night), but Soft Coeur is still a winner in my books. This bar melts so quickly and softly into your skin, and is even amazing used as a moisturiser! Soft Coeur's main selling point though, is its incredible scent - like sticking your face/soul into a box of Guylian chocolates. If you've got a romantic evening planned, this little heart will be a welcome addition...and I'll leave it at that.
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