Monday, 24 February 2014

New Theory

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Gap Jumper
Topshop Leggings
Zara Coat
Primark Bag
Topshop Boots
Agent Provocateur/Silverado/Topshop Rings

Monday mornings are so much harder when the weather's grey but I'm glad the days are finally getting lighter. Today our course was whisked off to a Crown Court case to practice our court reporting skills, we were told to look smart - quite rare for me at the moment! I came away from my time at university with a real love of dressing comfily, there's something more enjoyable about working all day and night when you're wearing what essentially could be pajamas. Maybe I'm just lazy. Either way, I love this outfit: it looks completely socially acceptable when really it's just leggings with a baggy jumper and you could definitely go to sleep in it.

I spent so long tracking down these Topshop flocked dogtooth leggings after seeing them on a friend and finally found them in my size on ASOS Marketplace - such a treasure trove, along with eBay, for finding those sold out pieces I absolutely must get my hands on! I actually picked up the coat from eBay for under £20 - the only word to describe it (and I never use this word) is fabulous, because it is and I actually felt too fabulous to be on a bus.
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