Monday, 17 March 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review blog girl culture
Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review blog girl cultureCharlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Review Before After

Any product that Charlotte Tilbury describes as a 'miracle fix' is one I need in my makeup kit. Wonderglow works hard on skin so you don't have to: cleverly diffusing UV light to add instant luminosity. For anyone into photography, it's the cosmetic equivalent of using a gold light reflector - lighting the complexion in the most flattering, radiant way!

I just need to point out that this isn't an instant tan product, nor does it make your skin any darker! The contrast between skin-tones in the before and after photos is simply down to the elusive afternoon sunshine in my room (curse you!). Wonderglow does make the skin look subtly gilded though, which could be why my skin took on such a golden hue in the photos!

After my moisturiser has sunk in, I like to use my fingers to apply a pea-sized amount all-over then pop my foundation over the top. Or, if I'm in a massive rush, I'll just mix the two together to save time! It's the perfect antidote for sallow morning skin but also gives a lovely sheen, that doesn't translate to shine, on a night out. Thanks to its luminous properties, Wonderglow also doubles as an understated highlighter when used over foundation.

Ms Tilbury famously wears her makeup to bed, but recently admitted that behind closed doors she dons a naked face... except for a touch of Wonderglow for an essential candlelit luster. Naturally I chose to follow suit, when in company of course, and find myself sleeping easy knowing that its anti-ageing elxir is treating my skin as well as transforming it.
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