Monday, 10 March 2014

Diptyque Jasmin Candle

For me, night-time is Diptyque time. The Parisian brand's products are perfect for adding a touch of le luxe à la française to your home and you'll always find mine in the bedroom... these little glass-held candles are experts at seducing the senses; creating the most romantic of glows and filling rooms with their addictive fragrances.

Diptyque's Jasmin was designed to "evoke Mediterranean gardens" and it only takes one sniff of this candle to whisk me away to somewhere more exotic. Even un-lit, it radiates a reverie of balmy summer evenings where the air is hung with blossom. Sweet, but not sickly, it's an amorously mature jasmine; delicate floral notes are given new depth by the rich warmth of essential oils.

These large Diptyque candles have an impressive 60 hour burn time - to maximise this, make sure the wax is melted across the whole surface before blowing it out. It's also recommended to trim the wick after burning to prevent it from smouldering.

If £40 would break your budget but you can't resist a Diptyque purchase, they also offer their classic scents in mini sizes for £20! These babies are perfect for trying out and combining different scents to make your own personalised home fragrance - my favourites to mix with Jasmin are Amber and Baies. Not only this, but the empty candle holders are perfect for storing things in and look adorable on any dressing table so, really, there's no excuse not to splurge!
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