Friday, 21 March 2014


Topshop Dress
Empty Casket Necklaces
Topshop Coat
Miu Miu Bag
Topshop Boots

Today is the first day of spring which definitely calls for some sort of celebration! As someone who feels the cold pretty badly, it's sadly still not warm enough for me to whip out my lighter jackets but I have hope it will be soon. This outfit actually seems pretty autumnal to me: a perfect back-to-school, September job. Admittedly not so great for March but, nonetheless, it's one of my staple outfits right now!

This Miu Miu satchel-esque beauty is my go-to handbag for lugging loads of books around, it seriously holds SO much stuff. I nabbed this coat from Topshop for £30 down from £120 in the sale because it had a slight rip in the lining. It only took 5 minutes to sew up and it looks good as new, silly Topshop. But hey, I'm not complaining! I'm absolutely in love with oversized textured coats this year, I just think they make outfits look so much more expensive. Boyfriend-fit coats work so well with bodycon dresses too (like this one, also from Topshop)! They really dress up the tight, short styles I had previously reserved for nights out. It feels like I've added a whole new level of sophistication to my wardrobe with one simple purchase!
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