Friday, 28 March 2014

MOO Business Cards

Moo Business Cards ReviewMoo Business Cards ReviewMoo Business Cards Review

This is a slightly different post from my usual beauty reviews but I was so impressed with this purchase that I can't stop talking about it to anyone and everyone who'll listen. I used to think business cards were reserved for the Patrick Batemans of the world but since being handed a few from successful journalists speaking at my course I decided I'd better get involved! For any freelancers, or businesses, an unconventional looking card is a perfect conversation starter and a great way to get noticed.

After browsing a few websites, MOO seemed like the obvious choice - they have a huge selection of amazing templates and a really easy editing system where you can upload and create your own designs. There's also the option of printing a different image on every card in your pack! Their products are lovingly printed and hand-packed in London and come in useful carry cases that look great perched on your desk, or just hanging out in your bag.

I opted for MOO's 'Green' cards as both the paper and box are made from 100% recycled material, as well as being recyclable and bio-degradable themselves. They're so eco-friendly, they're even manufactured using wind power! It's honestly the best quality recycled paper I've ever seen (no flecks in sight), plus their matte texture means they're super easy to write on too. Just look how cute they are, it's hard not to hand them out to total strangers. I also need to add that there wasn't a printing mistake and the cards do have my phone number on, I just edited it out to avoid any potential stalkers (sorry you guys).

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