Friday, 14 March 2014

Top 5 Gourmand Scents

This post is inspired by one of my closest friends who always smells good. Seriously good. So good, in fact, that she rarely goes a day without a stranger stopping to comment on the beguiling, subtle waft of fragrance she leaves in her wake. It's a perfume-nirvana most women only dream of reaching. Her advice to me has always been "smell everything": not to leave a tester unturned in my quest for the perfect scent. That, and the sound suggestion that a hint of delectable aroma is far more desirable than an overpowering one that leaves co-workers reaching for the nearest window.

In a perfume-pay-it-forward sort of spirit, she's let me raid her collection of most complimented scents so that people like you, and me, can maybe hold hope of smelling at least half as heavenly. These gourmand fragrances are bursting with delicious edible notes, the scent-equivalent of a warm hug or a cosy jumper but also one that makes you want to have sex with yourself which is kind of weird. What I'm trying to say is that these are sure to whet the appetite of potential love interests or anyone you might be dating/stalking.

This maybe smells like what God would smell like. Freshly baked pistachio cookies floating on a cloud of Chinese bakery cake (if you haven't had one, you're missing out on a vital life experience). I wore this out and had a non-stop day of people telling me how amazing I smelt, one guy couldn't even believe it came from a person! I also heard a lot of people talking about how they could smell something great but couldn't work out where it was coming from. It was definitely me.

2. Laura Mercier Tarte au Citron Hand Crème
Another by Laura Mercier, but I'll make an exception as she is the reigning queen of foodie smells. This smells exactly like a lemon tart; a 'close your eyes and it could be a lemon tart' job. You could actually smell too much like food when you wear this but the chance to smell like you've spent all day in a French bakery is too good to pass up on.

Paynes are a family-run Sussex based bee farm that also make some incredible honey. These beeswax candles are a lot more ethical than some other brands as they don't use animal products and are 100% cruelty free. They also smell delightful. Plus, if you only have beeswax candles you can have a whole lot burning at once and never have to worry about different scents mixing unfavourably.

This is the most mature of the scents; a woody citrus, ripe with orange blossom. It makes showering feel so glamorous, like a foreign vacay... or at least as much of one as my tiny shower can manage. What I really love about this is that the smell reminds me of the first proper perfume I ever bought. Going shopping for my first real fragrance was a big moment for me; the long awaited move from Impulse to adulthood. Kind of like buying my first bra, but less embarrassing.

I must admit that after I smelt this I had to rush out and buy one for myself. Such a gorgeous creamy, nutty scent that lasts on skin all day. This product is such a joy to use that it actually makes having dry skin seem like a good thing. The oats are brilliant for soothing any dry patches, including mild eczema, plus I feel like you can really smell the oats and I've never smelt an oat before.
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