Monday, 28 April 2014

Bleach London Super Cool Colour In Tangerine Dream

Bleach's Super Cool Colours are a great way to try out a fun colour without a permanent commitment as they're designed to last for only 2-10 washes. Although the dyes are recommended for use on bleached or light blonde hair, the ends of my hair still had highlights in from a few years ago so I thought I'd give one a try! Boy, am I glad I did as the colour actually worked! Granted, it's a few shades darker than the swatch (as the bleached parts of my hair were golden brown) but I'm so pleased with the results! After the first wash the colour started to fade to a slightly subtler orange at the ends which I absolutely loved too.

In the case of Super Cool Colour, blondes really do have more fun - with the whole range of 12 shades to pick from! If you have darker (but previously bleached) locks, Bleach's more intense options such as Tangerine Dream, The Big Pink, I Saw Red and Bruised Violet are likely to make their mark. To speed up the fading process Bleach also sell a Washing Out Liquid - perfect if you only want bright hair for the weekend or for those who like to change their hue every week! I think life's too short not to have crazy coloured hair at least once, as they say... life's a bleach, then you dye.

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