Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fountain: The Beauty Molecule

Fountain The Beauty Molecule Review
I've been waiting to write this review for ages but really wanted to finish the bottle first so I could give a fair verdict! The Beauty Molecule is a revolutionary new beauty supplement that promises anti-ageing and health promoting properties, backed up by a shed-load of scientific research (of course darlings, it's 2014). The main active ingredients are Resveratrol (one teaspoon contains as much of the antioxidant as 26,000 red grapes!) and Hyaluronic Acid - nature's natural skin plumper. The drink is 100% vegan and is sweetened with agave syrup so there's no added nasties! It has quite a strong sweet and bitter taste; hard to describe but easily palatable.

It's been 48 days of taking a 5ml teaspoon each morning and all I can say is: WOW - this stuff really works! Now I've read the verdicts of other reviewers whose co-workers/friends/families/spouses were apparently all lining up to tell them how glow-y and wonderful they looked but that didn't happen to me... what did happen though was not one single person told me I looked ill. This was actually somewhat of a miracle as my pasty winter skin and monster dark under-eye circles (when not disguised by makeup) seemed to evoke a worried concern from literally everyone I met. I can actually report that not only do I seem to have taken on a more human hue but my dark circles are absolutely nothing compared with before!

I will definitely be repurchasing The Beauty Molecule and I'm so impressed that I will most probably pick up its sister product, The Hyaluronic Molecule, too for extra skin plumping benefits. Fountain also have a couple of new product releases lined up and I am seriously excited to discover what they are, this is definitely a beauty brand to watch.
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