Friday, 4 April 2014

How To: Look Hot With A Hangover

Just in time for the weekend, here are some steps to looking and feeling socially acceptable after a night out. I have tried and tested this guide many times in my 24 years, although my former self would be appalled at how much I prefer staying in these days. The more filtered (read: expensive) and clear the alcohol you drink is, the less likely you are to get a hangover in the first place which is good advice until someone buys you two Mai Tais.

  • Down a pint of water as soon as you surface from a dry-mouthed slumber, even if you're planning on snoozing some more. You probably should have done this the night before, but you probably forgot... oh you!
  • Take a dose of ibuprofen - splitting hangover headaches are caused by a mixture of dehydration and dilated blood vessels in your brain. Anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen actually work better than paracetamol or aspirin to stop an aching head.
  • Whatever your hangover breakfast of choice entails, make sure you get a good dose of electrolytes. Seeing as alcohol is a diuretic, you probably peed loads of these vital components of life away! Luckily bananas, coconut water and sports drinks are all packed with electrolytes so grab one for an instant boost.
  • No time to shower? Dry shampoo was invented for people like you! (and me). Choose a brand like Batiste that tailors for different hair colours, saving you valuable brushing-in time.
  • Press a couple of chilled tea spoons over your eyes for a few minutes to reduce the puffiness caused by cry-texting your ex. PRO TIP: keep some in the fridge at all times for emergencies.
  • As tempting as it is to just re-apply makeup on top of the remnants of last night’s, remove all traces. Nothing screams hangover like crispy mascara except maybe pre-ordering a Dominos because why else does that exist?
  • If your skin's looking dull, spend a few minutes massaging in your moisturiser to help pick up a sluggish circulation. Bronzer and blusher are your friends today - apply heavily to mask the early signs of alcohol-induced jaundice.
  • A finishing touch of red lipstick really helps to perk up the complexion and gives an air of sophistication that will distract people from the sick in your hair. Ruby Woo by MAC suits most skin tones. 
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