Friday, 11 April 2014

L'Occitane Travel Size Hand Creams

L'Occitane Travel Size Hand Creams Cream Review
L'Occitane Travel Size Hand Creams - £8 (each)

I have these hand creams falling out of every bag and dotted around every room in my house just in case my hands need a bit of TLC and they literally cannot wait a moment longer for it. Sadly, I chose to photograph ones that were mainly limited edition but Rose 4 Reines is still available! Right now I massively have my eye on the Cherry Princess scent, it smells super delectable and owning something with princess in the name would totally help channel my repressed inner 5-year old.

In the past, I was never one for hand creams. They always seemed like something only my mum wanted to use, but now I finally I feel like I get it and it's a really exciting time for me. I'm not sure at what exact point I decided hand cream was for me personally, but I think it was around the time that my hands started becoming mysteriously dry; a condition I can only attribute to getting older and/or cleaning my house more often (whilst not wearing rubber gloves because I'm an idiot). These travel size ones are a complete staple in my handbag, and my life, and I love them and I'm going to keep buying them until I run out of money.

I feel like I should say more about these particular hand creams and why you should choose them over many of the other hand creams in this hand cream saturated market but that would be doing them a disservice. Just look at them, they're obviously adorable, plus L'Occitane is French which is the chicest nationality for skincare right now fyi. As well as keeping mitts soft, they also leave skin delicately perfumed which has opened up a whole new world of fragrance combining I never knew existed.
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