Saturday, 26 April 2014

Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger Nail

Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger Nail Blog Review

Just a quick review today of this awesome polish that has made its way into my weekly routine! Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger Nail can be used as a base coat, or on its own for a classic shine, to strengthen up nails and put a stop to cracking, splitting, peeling and breaking. Its special formula is enriched with calcium and keratin to create powerhouse nails whilst also defending against daily damage.

Before I bought Stronger Nail, I was using Rimmel Nail Nurse Rescue (its sister product) and was seriously impressed with the results... apart from painful burning if it touched my skin. I discovered this was caused by the formaldehyde it contains and swore off it completely. That's seriously not something I want to be painting onto myself! Luckily Stronger Nail is formaldehyde free and I can confirm it works just as well as Rescue but without any stinging sensations! My previously short, weak nails - damaged by years of acrylics - are finally growing again and all I have to do is apply this once a week. If you want long nails for under a fiver this seems like a no brainer to me!

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