Friday, 23 May 2014

Diet Mountain Dew

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Topshop Shorts
Topshop Shoes

With the wet weather making way for record breaking summer temperatures, here's my take on how to look hot in a heatwave! Obviously straight after these were taken I changed into a maxi dress and lazed around, surrounded by ice cream wrappers, incapable of moving for maybe three days but this is what I'd want to wear if I wasn't completely incapable of functioning in any climate over 20 degrees.

These dreamy, mint green Topshop feathered shorts made me feel all showgirl-esque - but to make the look daytime friendly, I teamed them with a casual cropped American Apparel tee which helped to control my inner Nomi Malone for at least two hours. NEWSFLASH: socks and sandals are now chic so forget everything you've learned about anything. I snapped up a whole bunch of these adorable Topshop frilled ankle socks, one in every colour! For Lolita meets Louis Vuitton, pair with chunky heels like these silver mirrored platforms, also Topshop (I'm sensing a trend here).

Photos - Holly Lucas
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