Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Laser Hair Removal at sk:n

Hot weather means bare skin on display and for those who opt to go without body hair, summer months make for a time consuming business. Worst of all, for people with sensitive skin like me, hair removal can result in uncomfortable, unsightly rashes and can even exasperate eczema! Luckily, there's a simple and painless solution - laser hair removal! Not only is it permanent, laser removal also banishes those pesky ingrowing hairs and leaves you with softer, smoother skin. A win-win!

One of the UK's most experienced clinics offering this service is sk:n, who use the best lasers available in the beauty industry worldwide. Unlike other hair removal lasers, like the ones used in IPL that heat the whole area, sk:n's Laser Hair Removal uses the most advanced technology to specifically target hair follicles, meaning it lasts much longer and is safe for every skin tone. Sk:n treat every area imaginable, as their method is kind to even the most sensitive of areas, and the difference is visible from the very first session - perfect for those who like to see results! To get the most out of the treatments, a course of 6-8 is typically recommended.

This expert clinic offers their Laser Hair Removal treatment at some of the most competitive prices too - treatments start from £31 and there's currently up to 40% off. Click the link for more information and to look at their latest deals!

One of the best things about sk:n is their offer of a free consultation with absolutely no obligation for treatment - as lasers work best on darker hair, you may discover it's not suitable for you. I'll be booking in my consultation next week at the Brighton clinic to see if they can work their magic and with 34 clinic nationwide, you're sure to find a sk:n near you too! And it's not just Laser Hair Removal - from acne treatments to anti-ageing procedures, their team of medical professionals will help put you on the journey towards the skin you've always wanted.

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