Monday, 5 May 2014

Lucky Ones

Topshop Bag
Office Shoes

Do you come here often? If you do (and by here, I mean my blog) you may or may not notice that I have the same bag in two colours which probably means I should be publicly shamed and put on E! Fashion Police or in Heat magazine with a giant red circle around my life but I forgot where I'm even going with this. Isn't this bag adorable!?

This Missguided coordinate dogtooth top and skirt set makes me feel like I'm in Clueless which is everything I could ever want from an outfit and quite fitting seeing as this week is my last ever week in education. It even comes in baby pink so the fashion gods are smiling on you if you want to dress up as Paris Hilton circa 2003 (always). The boxy-fit crop top is the ideal length for a spring fling with baring your navel, while the asymmetric skirt has the perfect flattering-yet-flirty cut for leg baring days... if only the weather would permit them to happen more often!
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