Friday, 9 May 2014

Ojon Restore & Revitalize Hair Kit

I've decided to bite the bullet and lighten up my hair a couple of shades later this month (something I've been wanting to do since my move back to brown-town last year) but I want to make sure my locks are in tip-top condition first. Step in, Ojon! Their products are formulated using pure Ojon oil: a 500-year-old beauty elixir containing essential lipids similar to ones naturally found in hair! Having heard nothing but rave reviews, I picked up their amazing value-for-money Repair & Revitalise Hair Kit which combines four of their bestselling products to create an intensely reparative ritual.

I started off by applying their Restorative Hair Treatment Plus the day before washing my hair. This cult classic is clinically proven to improve the condition of lacklustre hair by up to 65%. It's a big claim, but one Ojon makes good on - this stuff is a miracle worker! Simply warm a teaspoon (it even comes with a cute measuring lid!) of the concentrated balm in your hands until it melts, then apply all-over the hair and leave overnight before washing in the morning. Alternatively, you can just whack it on for 20 minutes if you're in a rush! This hair treatment can really leave your hair looking like an oil-slick, albeit a great smelling one, while it's on so I wouldn't recommend using it if you're spending the evening with someone you want to look hot for UNLESS that person also wants amazing hair in which case do it on the first date and they'll never leave you.

Up next was the Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner - designed to rejuvenate, soften and smooth! Once again, I was seriously impressed with Ojon's offerings. My hair felt clean and light but with a silky softness that made post-shower detangling an absolute breeze! I've noticed my hair also looks a lot healthier and shinier so I will definitely be investing in full-sized versions of these babies in future.

The real star of the show for me though was the Revitalizing Flexible Hairspray because it legitimately left my hair smelling like it had been kissed by an ocean of angels. A balmy, beachy heaven of a scent akin to the uhhh-mazing tropical fragrance of NARS Body Glow (which is mandatory for everyone to wear if they're entering within two-feet of my personal space). Ojon's hairspray also gave my falling-flat hair that bouncy volume I've always craved, without the stiffness or crunchiness of some other products! If I could marry an aerosol can...
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