Monday, 16 June 2014

Blogging Tools: Part 1

Apple MacBook Air 11-inch Blog Pink Case
Apple MacBook Air 11-inch Blog Pink iPhone 5s Case
Apple MacBook Air 11-inch Blog Pink Case
Pink Apple iPhone Case MacBook Carry Case Blog

This is what I use on a daily basis for everything blogging, social media and writing related. I just picked up this MacBook Air last week as my old one was on its last legs, but I'd had it since 2009 so I think it had a pretty good run. The 11-inch Air is the cheapest Apple laptop available but you don't by any means need anything as expensive to start up a blog! My first ever laptop, seven whole years ago, was an Apple and I've been a loyal customer ever since. I guess this brings up the whole Windows vs Mac debate and I'm not saying either one is better, but I'm such an Apple lover that I just find it feels strange using any other type of computer.

This is my first time with a MacBook Air and I'm so happy with my purchase. I wanted something that I could take around in my bag and this fits the bill perfectly. There are no moving parts inside so there's hardly any chance of damage from accidental bumps or knocks (and as someone who routinely drops everything on the floor this was a pretty nifty selling point). Despite it being the smallest of the Apple bunch, it's still a great size to catch up on Netflix shows or even edit photos in close detail. I think anyone working in a design related role would probably benefit from a larger screen, but as far as standard usage goes it's more than enough for me! The OS X operating system is so fast and easy to use, I'm loving using the Pages software - Mac's own version of Microsoft Word - to write up articles.

I have my iPhone 5s glued to my hand most of the time, although this is something I've managed to cut down on a whole lot recently as there's nothing worse than hanging out with a friend who's constantly checking their Instagram feed. No one wants to be that person! I've been hearing great things about the new 5c and I am due for an upgrade soon, but I might actually keep the 5s as I have no complaints with it. I've never understood the whole need to constantly have the new iPhone models when you're using one that works completely fine.

Onto the cases! Although I'm happy splashing out on great technology, I absolutely cannot see the point paying through the nose for a branded case when the cheaper versions are exactly the same material and quality. I picked all of these up from eBay for a complete steal and they're really serving me well. I had to have something in pink, obviously, but I still think these cases look pretty sleek and professional... definitely more professional than my last crystal studded, candy covered, Hello Kitty phone case anyway.
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