Monday, 2 June 2014

Five Ways to Use MAC Fix +

MAC Fix + Spray plus review girl culture

MAC Fix + is a product with a lot of hype - bloggers and makeup artists just can't seem to get enough of this aqua facial spritz and I must admit, neither can I! I discovered Fix + when a makeup artist used it on my first ever photo shoot many years ago, and to this day the unique fresh Sugi tree scent always reminds me of sitting in the makeup chair! I've kept stocked up ever since and am never without one of these mini bottles in my handbag when travelling. This pampering, but essential, concoction of vitamins and minerals has a world of uses so I thought I'd share my top five:

1. To calm - Fix + contains a skin-soothing blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber which works fast to reduce redness and stop irritation. Its cooling effect also clears flushed skin in hot weather.
2. To finish makeup - Mist yourselves ladies! Not only will it set makeup and make it stay in place, MAC's wunderkind prevents the cake-y look by blending product into the skin.
3. To freshen up makeup - After a long day, it only takes a quick spray of Fix + to instantly revive lived-in foundation or powder. The perfect product to help take you from the office to a night out!
4. To hydrate - Try using after your toner, but before your serum or moisturiser to add an extra veil of moisture to your skincare routine. This travel size bottle is a must-have for keeping skin hydrated on long flights, too.
5. To add radiance - Not only will Fix + give your skin a gorgeous glow when used alone, when mixed with other products it gives an airbrushed radiance previously reserved for the Victoria's Secret catwalk. For an ethereal finish, spritz onto a clean brush before using it to apply foundation, powder, or highlighter.

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