Monday, 9 June 2014

Icons of Summer

Rosy Cherrington model girl culture blogRosy Cherrington model Girl Culture blog
Topshop Bralet
H&M Shorts
H&M Sunglasses
Topshop Necklace

Apologies for the relatively short posts on here lately, it's been a busy few weeks and I'm finally catching up with life on the blogosphere. I've just finished a sub-editing internship with the amazing team at Esquire, along with a few Fringe Festival reviews for Broadway Baby. Now, I have a whole 7 days off before heading back to The Argus for some more Brighton news reporting and as much as I'll miss being in the office, it does conveniently coincide with the release of Orange is the New Black season two so I can't really complain. The time off also means I finally won't have an excuse not to get some much needed eBaying done, I'll be posting links on my Twitter for anyone interested!

Right, back to the task at hand. I like to think of this outfit as 90s Cindy Crawford meets council estate chic except, unlike 90s Cindy Crawford, I definitely couldn't pull this off anywhere outside of an empty East London rooftop. I also need to add that I burnt my hands on some unknown chemical that was knocking about on this roof so thus ends this series of nice photos by my favourite Vice photographer. Moral of the story? Empty rooftops on sunny days are probably empty for a reason.

Photos - Holly Lucas

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