Friday, 25 July 2014

How to: Reduce Cellulite & Water Retention

I'm someone who's prone to water retention, especially in hot weather or if I'm dehydrated - it's pretty crazy feeling like you've doubled in size over the course of a few hours! As they're the lowest part of your body, legs and ankles are prone to oedema - and it's actually one of the main causes of cellulite, aside from lifestyle and genetics. If you want smoother, leaner legs this summer, here's a bunch of beauty tricks you can do at home to make your pins look their best. Do these daily and you'll start seeing results in a couple of weeks!

Body Brushing
Grab a body brush, like this amazing double-sided one from Sanctuary Spa at Boots, and brush in long sweeping motions in an upward direction towards your heart. Not only will this slough away dead skin, leaving you glowing, it also helps to flush toxins from your lymphatic system - reducing fluid retention and cellulite. The knobbly massage side is perfect for giving tired legs a treat too.

Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs
Legology is a leg-loving brand created by Kate Shapland, beauty columnist at The Telegraph Magazine (where I start work on Monday, but I swear I'm not biased!) and endorsed by leading vascular surgeons. This wonder-cream liberates the lymph and delivers deep drainage, leaving legs feeling light and looking refined. It's best applied after a good body brushing session, exercise, or a hot shower to feel the full effects and comes with an instruction booklet with specialist massage techniques. The price tag may seem slightly steep compared with your typical 'cellulite' cream, but this one works in a very different - and far more effective - way. I love how free this makes my legs feel, and I can really see the difference in only a few hours. Worth the splurge.

Cold Baths
Now here's something that's worth the plunge! Not for the faint hearted, or those with high blood pressure, cold baths are a girl's secret weapon against cellulite. Having a cold bath (no colder than 15 degrees Celsius) for 15 minutes every morning drastically increases your metabolism AND has a dramatic effect on stubborn lower body fat. It may sound scary but it's a piece of cake if you work up to colder temperatures; start with a tepid bath and gradually add less hot water in each day. Seriously, try it for yourself and see the difference!

Get Healthy
I'm no nutritionist, but I do know that certain foods can make fluid retention a whole lot worse - namely excess salt, sugar and carbohydrates. Try swapping refined and processed foods for more fresh water, fruit, and veg; especially natural diuretics like oats, celery, lemon, cucumber, ginger, green tea, and watermelon! Regular exercise works wonders too, there's nothing worse for oedema than staying still. This isn't about weight loss (even the slimmest of girls and professional athletes can still get fluid-build up and cellulite) but the better you feel, the better you'll look!
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