Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Smell Bent Perfumes

Opening this parcel of perfumes made me squeal with excitement and I'm not the slightest bit embarrassed because Smell Bent is truly worth the hype. The LA parfumerie's fun fragrances are designed to make life more colourful, and 'chairman of good smells' Brent Leonesio has managed to mix up concoctions I thought only existed in my wildest dreams. Blind buying scents is something I tend to steer away from, but luckily Smell Bent offers these mini sizes too! Perfect for trying some out before committing to a full-size bottle, or keeping in your handbag for deliciousness on-the-go. They ship from California but landed on my UK doorstep in under a week, which was seriously impressive.

St. Tropez Dispenser - This was my first introduction to Smell Bent, having spied it in the hallowed pages of Vogue a few months ago. Just one spritz and you're whisked away to a day on the beach - sweet coconut sunscreen, green aloe vera, fresh jasmine, and a salty sea breeze drifting by. On me, St. Tropez Dispenser is most definitely a 'day' scent - beautifully clean and crisp yet with the playful synthetic sweetness of suncream that encapsulates a day by the seaside.

Apres Soleil - The after dark counterpart of St. Tropez Dispenser, Apres Soleil puts a sensuous new twist on the original. It opens as a smoothly sweet honey, offset with a sultry edge of leather and smokey sandalwood, but is quickly lifted up by the floral notes. Fresh jasmine and buttery gardenia counteract the sweetness of the beachy butterscotch coconut for a perfectly balanced scent. If you're looking for a perfume with some serious sex appeal, Apres Soleil is it. I haven't been able to stop sniffing myself all day so this may be the one I'll end up nabbing a full sized version of!

Little Miss Panda Gets Lei'd - Ok, I lied. I might have to get a bottle of this too. This fruity, tropical floral is absolutely divine! Little Miss Panda impresses on first sniff, opening with a bloom of Japanese honeysuckle. A Hawaiian Lei of native jasmine and tuberose blended with juicy guava and teak, it makes for an exotic adventure of a perfume you'll want to bury your face in.

Disco Nap - Described as a dreamy blend of caramelised vanilla and ambergris softened with snuggly musks, Disco Nap is most definitely a gourmand and a delicious one at that. Toasted coconut and almonds add a mouth watering sweetness to the mature amber. Mixed with the warm vanilla, it's a comforting blanket of a scent that would be perfect for cosy winter evenings. In fact, I may need to invest in a bottle of this for the colder months...

"We know life can be hard, but it shouldn't have to smell bad." - Smell Bent

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