Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Stella McCartney Stella Perfume

Everyone has perfumes that instantly bring back old memories and Stella McCartney's first fragrance is one that evokes my late-teenage years. When I smelt this on a friend the other month I was unexpectedly transported back to a blur of lazy college days and vodka hazes listening to Ladytron... "they only want you when you're seventeen".

More surprising, was how much I missed Stella's intoxicating scent - a refined, yet sensual, homage to the English rose. The perfume opens with soft, floral notes balanced with a fresh twist of mandarin essence but quickly blooms into a rich, pure rose. I've never been one for traditional rose perfumes and it's Stella's smokey amber base notes that transform the fragrance into something altogether more sultry.

The plum-hued bottle is as stunning as the scent - a faceted, prismatic creation inspired by amethyst crystals. But you wouldn't expect anything less when it's been designed by Stella McCartney herself! I love the 30ml version of this as it fits perfectly in my handbag for evenings out (albeit with a little less vodka these days).
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