Friday, 10 April 2015

Shaving Secrets

Gilette Venus Refils - £7.79

If you choose to hair remove, it can be a real pain in the proverbial arse. Or literal, if you have no idea how to handle a razor or are somewhat accident prone - in which case I highly recommend using this slightly time-consuming, yet life-changing, Veet hair removal cream. It's pretty much fool-proof and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

Now that I'm in a normal distance (i.e. non-long distance) relationship FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I have to shave as regularly as a normal person who shaves and it's really taking a chunk out of my sitting and watching Netflix time. I sadly don't have the budget for bi-weekly waxes (plus am not a sadist) nor do I have the patience to sit around covered in cream while trying not to ruin any more carpets, so for me (and 70% of British women) it has to be ol' faithful - the trusty razor.

Since I started shaving I've only ever used the Gillette Venus range, so I might sound wildly biased here, but I'm pretty sure they're the best ones out there. They work so well I've never even been tempted to try anything else, plus I've only cut myself a total of 6 times in 10 years and teenagers can be pretty stupid so I take this as a testament to their greatness. 

When shaving frequently, my skin can get dry and itchy and liable to becoming the eczema-prone nightmare I spend my life slathering it in various oat-containing lotions trying to avoid. Luckily using Lush Ambrosia seems to have stopped it right at the source, even if I don't have time to slap on some post-shower moisturiser. This heavenly shaving cream is packed full of cooling, calming chamomile and honey, while the cocoa butter helps to stop razor drag (and makes you smell uhhhmazing).

Read on for my other top 3 shaving tips:

1. Exfoliate before shaving to remove dead skin and ensure the closest shave possible (meaning you can leave longer between now and the next one, yay!)

2. Wet skin in hot water before, and during, shaving to relax the skin and cause as little irritation as possible.

3. Drink lots of water post-shaving to ensure skin is hydrated from within too!

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