Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Afternoon Tea At The Corinthia Hotel

You're way past trick or treating, apple bobbing has lost its appeal and no one's throwing a fancy dress party... but you're still too young not to give a witches' teat about the whole thing?

The question of what the hell to do as a fully functioning adult on Halloween can be a toughie, but it turns out there's a whole load of fun stuff that doesn't involve annoying strangers or egging people's houses (who, me? never).

As part of today's festivities, I headed down to the Corinthia by London's Embankment to try out their incredible Halloween afternoon tea. This year the luxury Victorian hotel brewed up a creepy revamped menu, including ghoulish delights like mini pumpkin compĂ´tes, spiced pear pecan pies, and woodland forest-inspired mousselines. Who knew Halloween could feel so fancy?!

I must also give a serious shout out to their Dragon Well Tea, a sweet and creamy green tea 'named after the light rainfall onto a swirling well that resembles a dancing Chinese dragon'. It was every bit as special as it sounds.

Sadly today is the last day the Halloween-themed treats are available, but their famed classic afternoon tea is every inch as delicious so I would definitely recommend going down to try it out in the Corinthia Hotel's lavish surroundings (or booking in early for All Hallows' Eve next year).
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