Saturday, 31 October 2015

Victoria's Secret Dark Angel Perfume

Happy Halloween you guys! This is one of my favourite times of year and I'm super excited for all the spooky fun (any excuse to dress up), so over the next couple of days I'll be blogging about what I get up to. To start off the day, I'm getting in the spirit with the brand new perfume by Victoria's Secret. The cat ears are also from VS, but not a clue to my actual costume for this evening...

Victoria's Secret Dark Angel eau de parfum is the latest launch in their Angel range, first released in 2011. The original Angel is a classic fruity scent, Angel Gold is a sparkling fruity floral and Dark Angel (my absolute favourite of the three) is a sultry gourmand. 

The fragrance is designed to be Angel's naughty alter ego - ethereal with an edge - and it's most definitely sexy, perfect for an evening out. The great thing about VS scents is that they're never overpowering, and I could wear this in the day (or just around the house) too without any complaints.

Dark Angel blends notes of almond flower, mango nectar and caramel latte, which really do smell good enough to eat. The fresh, juicy top notes dry down to a warm, sweet (but not at all sickly) base. Fans of Black Opium or Juicy Couture Viva Gold Couture will love this I reckon.

Victoria's Secret lovers will be happy to know I have a lot more VS product reviews coming up on here soon, they're really bringing out all the stops with their revamped beauty range!
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