Friday, 13 November 2015

Hair Update At Bleach Topshop

So... I finally got the chop. I had been debating changing this up for a while now but it wasn't until last week, with the help of my awesome stylist Naoya, that I made the decision to do it! I often get comments about how long my hair is (or, was) and how good condition it's in despite all the bleach, but to be honest I was getting pretty tired of the upkeep.

I'm the kind of person who likes to get up and go in the mornings and having shorter hair just makes things simpler. I also love love love how thick and swishy it feels now! I've had my hair super short in the past but it was always so thin due to constant bleaching and extensions - but this time it's completely different.

Bleach are my favourite salon in London and I often switch between the three branches (Dalston, Berwick Street and Oxford Street Topshop) depending on what appointments are available. This time it was Topshop! It's pretty cute and cosy in there, which is handy as bleaching always takes a while. Naoya used a high lift tint, as usual, to lighten my roots before adding an ash blonde toner. Then we went for the cut - a 'lob', if you will.

I genuinely never thought I'd love having shorter hair, but I really do. I think I might brave it and go a bit shorter next time too! It looks a lot more chic, and healthy - who could argue with that?
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