Friday, 27 November 2015

The Churchill Bar & Terrace in Winter

What better way to enjoy the lead up to Christmas than a fun-filled evening under the stars, or fairy lights, at London's very own winter wonderland. Now, I'm not talking the jam-packed chaos at Hyde Park... this is an experience a lot more special.

The Churchill Bar & Terrace has once again undergone its annual festive makeover, transforming into a Narnia inspired hideaway just a stone's throw from Oxford Street. Attached to the Hyatt Regency's sumptuous cocktail bar, the outdoor (but covered) terrace has its own 'Winter Warmers' drinks list, curated by none other than Green & Black’s.

I opted for The White Witch - a white hot chocolate infused with ginger, chilli and Woodford reserve Bourbon. It was so hard to decide what to pick, the whole menu is a chocolate connoisseur’s dream come true, but I'm so glad I went with that one as it was delicious!

My boyfriend, not the biggest chocolate fan, went for the Pinkster-T - a classic gin and tonic (one of Winston Churchill's faves) with raspberry and mint for extra freshness. Both drinks were £16 each and came with the best cheese straws and olives as complementary snacks, no complains here.

Sinking into the lavish fur-lined seats with cosy blankets and hot water bottles on request was literally like relaxing in the lap(land) of luxury! The drinks prices may be slightly steep compared to my normal watering holes, but nowhere does cold weather glamour quite like this place.
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