Friday, 20 November 2015

Valentino Donna and Valentina Perfumes

Up on the blog today are a couple of fragrances by Valentino - including their brand new perfume Donna. I've been a fan of the fashion house's 2011 release Valentina for a few years, so was excited to try their latest offering (if not just for that gorgeous packaging).

Donna's bottle truly is stunning - a heavy, cut-glass design that catches the light like a prism, with classic gold accents and pretty pink juice inside. The scent itself is every bit as elegant, a smooth chypre floral with accords of bergamot, rose, iris absolute, patchouli, leather and vanilla.

The perfumiers behind Donna said they wanted to create a new fragrance that seemed to have always existed. But funnily enough, that's exactly the way I felt about Valentina when I first smelt it - something about it just instantly transported me 'home' and it's remained one of my favourites ever since.

An ex-boyfriend actually gave me Valentina for Christmas, and at first I was pretty scared I would hate it and have to do that fake 'I love it' face (so awkward). But it turned out he'd described my personality to a department store sales assistant and she'd picked that one out for me, and was exactly spot on. I wish I knew who she was because she's a genius.

Valentina is more of an Oriental fruity floral, with top notes of bergamot and white truffle, a heart of orange blossom, sweet jasmine, tuberose and wild strawberries, and a base of cedar, vanilla and amber. Not entirely dissimilar to Donna, but the two are very different.

I feel like Donna is the sexy, silky evening gown to Valentina's warm, cosy jumper. I must admit I much prefer Valentina as I can wear it every day and on any occasion, it's just so comforting. On me, Donna can have a slightly sickly element - I think it might be the lack of fresh fruit to balance out the powdery florals and leather. Nonetheless, it's a classic perfume many will love... and if we all smelt the same, life would be pretty boring!
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