Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

One of my favourite parts of present-buying has to be wrapping them up! There's just something so satisfying about channeling your inner Martha Stewart or pretending to be someone who actually uses Pinterest. Even when everything in your life is falling apart (and you can trust Martha on this), spending money you don't have on fancy-ass wrapping paper and tying it all up in impeccably neat little bows can make you feel whole again.

If you ever wondered who's keeping Paperchase in business, It's maybe entirely me. I'm not really sure what that says about me as a person but I don't even care because look how cute those gift tags are! Everything you see above is from there (minus the 'awesome' glitter tape, which I got sent at work and is from Etsy).

I also very strongly believe in thank you cards. These Paperchase ones look like you could send them to the Queen. My general rule of thumb is: if I don't actually open the present in front of the person who gave it to me, and therefore say thank you in person, they get a card. It's just polite, and another excuse to indulge my inner stationary freak.
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