Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Victoria's Secret Winter Bombshell Perfume

victorias secret winter bombshell perfume rosy cherrington
victorias secret winter bombshell perfume rosy cherrington
victorias secret winter bombshell perfume rosy cherrington

In celebration of the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airing in the UK tonight (9pm on 4Music!) I thought I'd give the brand new fragrance a review. Launched just in time for Christmas, Winter Bombshell is a limited edition holiday version of the brand's classic Bombshell scent.

First thing's first, the packaging is truly special - from the iridescent boxing to the glittering snow-globe-inspired bottle, both of which are finished with a red gift bow. It was a joy to open and would make a real showstopper of a Christmas present.

The fragrance itself is a classic fruity floral, with a festive twist. Notes of sparkling starfruit, frosted camellia and jasmine blend seamlessly together to create a glowing, sparkling scent. Victoria’s Secret is actually the first brand to market the exclusive frosted camellia note. Brought over to England in the 1730s from the Japanese Imperial gardens, this vivid pink flower is prized for its uniquely fragrant petals which give a slightly rose and peony-like impression.

So how does Winter Bombshell differ from the other three perfumes in the line? The original Bombshell (purple passion fruit, Shangri-La peony and vanilla orchid) is more sexy, Bombshell In Bloom (pink freesia, red apple and water lily) is a fresher take on the scent, and Bombshell Forever (boysenberry, lavender flower and pamplewood) is more lively and vibrant.

As much as I love the classic Bombshell, I think I actually prefer the new version! It's soft enough to spritz on in the daytime, but with enough staying power for the evening. Plus it has a warm, sensual fruitiness that makes me think of eating candied apples in a big cosy jumper. Winter bliss!
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