Friday, 8 January 2016

Best Relaxing Bath Soaks

January is officially the longest month of the year - and that's just measuring between paydays, not to mention the back to work blues, cold weather and Christmas comedown. It's no wonder so many people willingly sign up for the Dry January challenge when bedding down at home seems the more appealing option! If you're giving up alcohol for a month, or just want to make the most of your winter nights in, why not spend the money you save on a wildly indulgent bath soak.

Bear with me here... it may seem borderline insane to drop such a large amount of cash on something that's literally going straight down the plug hole, but the deeply soul soothing benefits of these products are well worth the money IMO.

First up, the Epsom salts. These are so cheap, and you get a whole load of them. Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow loves them - what more can I say! These are great for easing bloating and helping with muscle pain, along with generally softening skin.

For the best night's sleep you've ever had, Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts will do the trick. A blissful cocktail of aromatherapeutic Himalayan mineral salts, powdered amethyst and essential oils, these pretty pink bath salts instantly restore your emotional equilibrium - so much so, the packaging actually recommends having a 30-mintue lie down after (you'll need it). Stockist Cult Beauty describes them as 'a natural version of Valium,' and I have to agree.

If you're after more traditional relaxing lavender scents, Neom Tranquility Bath Oil and This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak will help you unwind with their peace-bringing blend of English essential oils (Neom's offering features 19 different types and leaves skin glowing). Unlike the Therapie salts, they're both suitable to use during pregnancy.

Finally, Love Henri Muscle Therapy Bath Oil is my go-to soak for fixing post-workout soreness and on the days my shoulders feel tight from slouching at my desk (I seriously need to work on my posture!). Its potent herbal blend of comfrey, sweet marjoram and chamomile seem to un-knot muscles like magic.
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