Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Photoshoot With Rankin For Essie

So, yesterday was kind of a big deal... Essie teamed up with legendary Photographer to open their pop-up Colour Portrait Studio, and I was lucky enough to be invited down! A chance to have my photo taken by Rankin for one of my favorite nail brands? Who could say no to that!

First up was the manicure station, where we got to try Essie's new Gel Couture range (launching at Boots in June). The bottles have been given a bit of a makeover - with a twirling shape and special brush - and boast a gel-like wear and sheeny finish, which claims to last up to 14-days. There are 25 shades to choose from in the UK, plus a high-shine top coat, and I opted for Sew Me - a cream caramel rose. So pretty!

Next up was hair and makeup, where the lovely Phoebe H and Emma Farrell made me look all fancy, then onto the shoot! I was actually super nervous before getting in front of the camera, this was Rankin after all. He's shot the Queen, Kate Moss, and now... me! It was a pretty daunting prospect and I didn't want to mess up the shots. Luckily, he has an awesome manner and instantly put me at ease - even better was the fact he new exactly what he wanted in the frame and quickly directed me into place before I even had a chance to stand there like a star-struck lemon.

I'm so happy with how the photos turned out! We got to sit down with Rankin right after and pick out our favorites before they were whisked over to be printed out. I couldn't believe how quick the whole process was, his whole team were such a well oiled machine (I mean, you wouldn't expect any less from the best in the business).
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