Sunday, 22 May 2016

Coffee At Palm Vaults In Hackney

Another day, another independent coffee shop opening. I could yawn if it wasn't for all the artisan coffee I've been drinking. But before you write this off as a bore-worthy topic - I have to say, this place is truly something special. It's a great feeling when someone creates something that just feels meant for you - a book, an album... a coffee shop? I never thought I'd experience the exquisite pleasure of walking into a café and feeling like it was staring into my soul, but I have. Thank you Palm Vaults.

Although the place only opened a few weeks ago, it's already bustling - surely helped by its proximity to Hackney Central - but also because there's nothing quite like it on Mare Street. The shimmering pearl shell Palm Vaults sign (created by Alex May Hughes) and Instagram-worthy interiors (check them out on the 'gram here) are getting people in the area talking... and visiting, and snapping away.

Putting the burgeoning hashtag to one side, Palm Vaults actually delivers when it comes to the drinks. Not only is the coffee excellent, there's a choice of non-dairy milks - soy, almond and cashew - frappes, matcha lattes, and their famous healthy 'red velvet' latte made from beetroot juice. There's also a seasonal menu of breakfast, toasties, handmade cakes and pastries.

The shop also offers wares for sale - think carefully curated designer vintage clothing, a florist section and art by local makers. Those stopping by in the evening also have the option of access to the secret underground cocktail bar, so head downstairs... if you dare.
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