Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Comforter Treatment At Lush Spa

When I received an invitation to the Lush Spa, I knew the experience would be a world away from typical therapies - and my visit did not disappoint. Prepared for some serious pampering, I headed down to the Chelsea King's Road branch (Oxford Circus is far closer to me but, be warned, the spa books up fast!) to try out Lush's full body treatment, The Comforter. Fans of the namesake bubble bar - the closest thing to a 'hug' in a bath - will love this one, but I was surprised to discover there wasn't a hint of blackcurrant or bergamot scented products used in the treatment. What was used however, was even dreamier...

On arrival, the cosy cottage-inspired interiors instantly put me at ease. It was like sitting in a tranquil country kitchen, and I sipped on a cup of herbal tea with home-made biscuits as my therapist talked me through The Comforter experience. As she led me to the treatment room, my jaw genuinely dropped - a mesmerising nebula shone across the ceiling, while an amethyst glow illuminated the bed. I was ready for some serious relaxation!

Without giving away too much (there are a few charming surprises), first you're tucked up in a warm, fluffy duvet on a heated mattress, then coated with a hot chocolate body scrub and finally massaged with an iridescent rose-scented serum. Heaven. The soundtrack - full of sweet childhood nostalgia - makes the whole 60 minutes feel like a blissful daydream in a way that doesn't even come close to a standard massage.

After the treatment, and floating gently back to the real world, I was greeted by the pinkest, sugariest drink (above) to finish everything off with another dose of Lush magic. It was slightly too saccharine for my taste, but I was impressed to learn it was vegan-friendly. Before I left, I quickly spruced myself up in the bathroom with more Lush products and noticed my skin was positively glowing! I also I felt seriously spaced out... in a good way, drifting off home in a dreamlike state.

I cannot wait to go back and embark on another sensory spa journey with Lush. Has anyone tried any of their treatments? The Good Hour sounds ideal, as I love a deep tissue massage, but I've also heard great things about Synaesthesia. Please send recommendations my way!
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