Friday, 10 June 2016

6 Best Sheet Masks In The UK

This month was a good month for my skin. As part of a feature on South Korean beauty routines, I tried out the famous 13-step skincare regimen for a week - and thanks to some very generous brands got to sample a myriad of K-beauty products I never knew existed. Now, naturally, we're all aware of sheet masks these days (those celebrity sheet mask selfies made damn sure of that) - but I had only really dabbled in them before being sent what could only be described as 'sheet mask Christmas'.

Bags and boxes of the things arrived on my desk and I was bestowed the mammoth task of testing them all out - I know, it's a hard life on the beauty desk. The six pictured here are the best of the bunch in terms of hydrating, radiance-boosting and 'baby skin'-giving benefits.

TonyMoly I'm Real Rice Mask - £6 for 1*

Previously to my 7-day skincare experiment, I’d never understood the real meaning of the ‘baby skin’ beauty product sell so popular in Korea - did I really want to look like a baby? - but now I finally get it. It’s that fleeting dewy radiance, so quick to vanish when we start a ‘grown-up’ routine of stressful commutes, busy cities and long working days.

Sheet masks play a big part in that. They're applied after all the ampoules, serums and moisturisers (but before eye cream and night cream) to kind of seal all the goodness into the skin. Your products, along with the active ingredients in the sheet masks, are absorbed tenfold due to the mask raising your skin's temperature and preventing water evaporation. Genius!

If you fancy find out more about Korean beauty and how much the 13-step routine changed my skin in just one week, read my full feature on HuffPost UK Style here.
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