Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Trip To Berlin For The Stylight Awards

This time last week I was chilling out in the massive bath tub in my room at Hotel Q in Berlin, utter bliss! As you may be able to spot in the photo above, you can literally roll right out of the bath into bed. I feel like the interior designer and me are on the same sort of wavelength here when it comes to post-soak induced relaxation.

Why was I in Berlin, you ask? The lovely folks at Stylight flew me out for a fleeting but fabulous 36-hours to interview stars at the 2016 Stylight Awards - a huge event honouring some of the biggest influencers and bloggers across fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

As it was a work trip, I had to work (really not so shabby when your office is a beautiful hotel) - so didn't get to see much of the city, hence why my snaps and videos are just airport > hotel > awards > home (in case you thought I was some sort of weird hotel hermit).

The awards ceremony itself was brilliant and even had a Kim K-style wall of roses straight out every selfie-lover's dreams. You can check out all the action in my super quick vlog above - or if you fancy reading my interviews with Stylight Award winners and nominees for The Huffington Post UK, I'll drop the links below.

Brb crying I no longer have a bath big enough to fit four people in.

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