Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Buy This If You Want To Smell Like Kate Moss' Baby

"You smell like milk," my boyfriend whispers to me as we awake in bed one sleepy Sunday morning. On initial thought, I'm confused and somewhat offended... that is, until my brain whirrs back into action and I recall what I'd misted onto my neck and wrists the night before. A strange sense of pride washes over me as I realise he's correctly identified a note. But hadn't I sprayed it on 12 hours ago? Good God, the longevity. The sillage!

Launched in September, This Is Her! is the latest women's eau de parfum by chic-rock brand Zadig & Voltaire. This Is Her! and its partner scent, This Is Him! mark the French fashion house's third stab at nailing the feminine/masculine edition concept. This time, I think they've done it - thanks in most part to perfumer duo Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almanac.

Both unique and edgy, yet laced with a can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it familiarity, neither fragrance lets the other down. Peppery, woody and mouthwateringly true-to-life gourmand notes work with, not against, each other when paired together (but fellas, keep an eye on your bottle as the incense-laden, vanilla-rich base will smell just as good on the women in your life).

This Is Her!, my personal choice, boasts a comforting sweetness set to please the Starbucks Christmas drink-swigging crowd. A heart of milky chestnut cream and warm benzoin could easily lead to sugar overload, but the scent escapes a sickly fate - only lingering on the saccharine side for a few seconds before evolving into a rich, deep indulgence, offset by bright jasmine in the opening.

Think milky notes can't prove alluring? Never underestimate the olfactory power of scents from your childhood, and I'm not just talking that new baby smell. The Library of Fragrance credits the runaway success of its Baby Powder eau de toilette to a subliminal reminder of being soothed and cared for - perhaps why we've seen the 'baby perfume' business do nothing but thrive.

One of the first to hit the market, 2002's Burberry Baby Touch, may have initially been met with Daily Mail disdain. But cue the public catching on to how sweet-smelling it was, and stock began to sell like hotcakes - yummy mummies all but clashed pushchairs like antlers trying to nab a bottle of the stuff! Now everyone's in on the action: Dolce & Gabbana, Bulgari, Le Labo. And we all know it's not just the babies wearing them...

If you're looking for a similarly soft and snuggly perfume, but housed in a sleek bottle you'd proudly host on your dressing table, This Is Her! is an ideal choice. Plus, it's got a dark side - the milkiness stays put like a trusty safety seat while sensual sandalwood and punchy pink pepper spin a more mysterious and risqué aroma around it.

This isn't just any run-of-the-mill baby. It's a boho baby, a rock 'n' roll baby, and exactly what I imagine the inside of Kate Moss' Balenciaga baby bag smelled like back in the noughties (sandalwood and pink pepper notes also run throughout the supermodel's eponymous line of perfumes, no less).
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