Friday, 23 December 2016

I Fell Into A Zoella Black Hole And This Happened

We’ve all been there. Searching for a quick tutorial on YouTube and ending up stuck on the site for five hours watching back-to-back 'Vlogmas' videos. Last week, it happened to me - falling into a vlogger vortex of sorts - and procrastinating ended up costing me more than just an evening of chores, it also led to a rather unlikely shopping spree. I say unlikely because A) - I'm not a die-hard Zoella fan, and B) - I've never before been tempted to purchase any of her wares (although I'll admit, I was almost swayed by the 'Bath Latte' this summer. Honey! Almond! That Art Deco packaging!).

There's just something about Zoella's Christmas Collection. The packaging surpasses 'cute' - yes, it's still unashamedly twee but all traces of teenybopper have vanished, replaced instead with something I can only liken to the charm of Urban Outfitters' gift section. As with her Sweet Temptations line, the products speak for themselves - beyond just baring the name of Britain's most popular YouTuber. It was the festive gingerbread and vanilla scent running throughout the new range that won me over, and it doesn't fail to deliver IRL.

As promised, Hungry Hands leaves hands "silky soft" and - take this as a warning, heavy fragrance-phobes - majorly scented. Those with super sensitive skin could find it slightly irritating due to the cinnamyl alcohol, responsible for the cinnamon smell, and may therefore want to avoid. But Bath & Body Works enthusiasts (and Zoella Bath & Body Works haul video enthusiasts), this is right up your fairy light-filled street.
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