About ME

I'm an award-winning journalist, living in London and working as the Features Editor at SheerLuxe.com.

Prior to joining SheerLuxe, I've been the Deputy Editor of Yahoo Style UK, the Style Writer for HuffPost UK, managed social media at Stella Magazine and wrote for Telegraph.co.uk. My words have also appeared in Vice and Mail Online, and my editing work in Esquire, Men's Health and Women’s Health.

 Photo courtesy of Rankin/Essie

Photo courtesy of Rankin/Essie




The Drum Online Media Awards 'B2C Website of the Year', 2018 (shortlisted)



Jasmine Awards 'Best Digital Article on Fragrance', 2017 (shortlisted)

Johnson & Johnson Journalism Awards 'Best New Beauty Journalist', 2017 (shortlisted)

NCTJ Awards For Excellence 'Features of the Year', 2016 (won)

BSME Rising Star Awards 'Best Digital Writer', 2016 (shortlisted)

NCTJ Awards For Excellence 'Student News Reporter of the Year', 2014 (shortlisted)